Public Cloud or Remote Service on Premise Feature

24/7 Support

24x7x365 support guaranteed

Our business is to help companies in minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance in 24x7x365 database environments.

Phone Number

Local country contact number

We have a local number in each country. Our customers may contact our expert team at every hour of the day.

Quickly Response Time

We respect your SLA

The Oracle expert team is engaged by the customer in any case of critical event and takes care of the problems within 30 minutes from the customer contact (best response time,may change depending on Customer Service Plan.

Status Report

Measuring the health of your databases

Our Oracle expert team provides a daily health check report that helps your company in monitoring database status.

Ticketing System

Tracking database activities

Every activity is tracked in our ticketing system. Your company may check the status of active ticket or building periodic report about the activities involving databases managed by our expert team.

Monitoring System

Check database activities

Your databases may be monitored from our monitoring platform. We can set up warning and alarm on principal database measurements to let a quickly proactive intervention of our experts.

Cloud Service Plan

Get a Quotation

Contact us to evalue your Database or Java environments on Oracle Public Cloud Services using the following parameters.

Type Services

Using prepaid services ( hourly pay per use) or unmetered services ( monthly cost for at least 1 year)

Database Versions

Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition High Performance, Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance

Java Edition

Standard, Enterprise, Suite

Usage Parameters

CPU, Memory, I/O requests needs, Storage Size, Outbound traffic

SLA Time

Specify the SLA intervention time requested for each database.

Remote Service on Premise Plan

Database Number

Specify how many database would you check.

Users Number

Specify the users number for each database.

Database Size

Specify the database size for each database.

SLA Time

Specify the SLA intervention time requested for each database.

Instance Options

Specify if your database use Oracle RAC, Dataguard,Failsafe or OVM.

Get a Quotation

Evaluating your Database environments filling the request form using this parameters.

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